Why you cannot miss a HOHO Ride!

Applause to Delhi Government who took this amazing tourism initiative which is reasonable and effective. It’s been 50 years since HOHO (Hop On Hop Off) Buses are operational. For the city which is so magnificent, this service is a great help to tourists. This ride is beaded of places which have historical and cultural importance. What Delhi means in a broader sense, HOHO Bus gives you an insight of it.

Credits: HOHODelhi

The tour starts from Baba Kharag Singh Marg (Cannaught Place) and takes you to around 20 places a day; last stop being Jantar Mantar. The timings are well adjusted. At each destination, it gives you 40 mins time to explore the place. The staff provides you witht the time table of buses, you can board and de-board at your convenience. Usually, two days are sufficient but if you really want to observe the places to the full, three days should be in hand.

No doubt the tour is highly educational, if you have that slightest spark to learn, then this ride is a must. It would take you to all the significant museums and gallaries where you can learn a lot about stories which we often ignore.


The museum is one of its kinds. This small room in Indian Post Office has thousands of stamps from all over the world. The most interesting part is that there is a story or an incident behind each stamp. The evolution is clearly visible. There is no limit to the themes of stamps. It ranges from aqua life to biology to historical events to wildlife to international relations to tragedies and many more. The old badges, equipment and bags used by postman during preindependence period can fascinate any of us.


The gallery is all about the modern art from not so modern artists. The gallery is mainly known for the paintings of Amrita Sher-gill, Vincent Van Gogh and Rabindranath Tagore. You don’t have to be an artist to visit this place; a mere observation would make you fall in love with the artists. Amrita Sher-gill is my favourite as you’d find her work to be sophisticated yet rebellious. This beautiful 1930s artist had an interesting life story which I won’t unveil here. It is strongly recommended to go there and experience the art in and out of the hall.


This peaceful place was the residence of late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Unlike other museums, it tells more about her personal life than professional. Though the place has every possible newspaper cliping hanged regarding any headline related to Gandhi family, still the informalness would develop an attachment in you. You’d find letters and paintings of Rajeev and Sanjay Gandhi which they made for their parents during childhood. The house also holds the tragedy the family had to go through – assassinations.


While Indira Gandhi Memorial told the family tales, this place has stories of Independence and war. It is a complete guide to the country’s modern history. You will find all the treaties and newspaper clipings from that time. Every event (major or not) which took place ever since British Rule is talked about in the rooms.

Next best things coming up are Hauz Khas and Delhi Haat. If you have love for food and fun, you should get down at these places and enjoy the two different faces of Delhi’s culture. Themed cafes and lavish cuisines of Hauz Khas would give you a sense of sophistication. Kunzum Travel Cafe is strongly recommended if you have love for coffee, biscuits and seclusion. On the other hand, experience the typical Delhi culture with street food from different states and vibrant ethnic clothes and accessories.

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