Welcome to Lodhi Art District

Article Credit: Ishani Palandurkar | Photography Credit: Saksham Gupta

Street art is a recent trend in India which not only exhibits India’s artistic talent but is also an innovative way to protect streets and walls and add up to the city’s beauty. This trend has been quite popular in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Delhi, etc. I still remember, as a kid we were given an opportunity to paint one of the walls of Vikram A. Sarabhai Science Centre in Ahemdabad and my cousins and I drew floating earth which was trying to save itself from deteriorating environmental conditions!

In 2015, an interesting initiative was taken by ST+ART India (a non-profit organization which works on art projects in public spaces) in which they engaged artists to design the streets and walls in the prime location of Delhi – Lodhi Colony. Various walls have been designed between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market which has completely revamped this place. Not only it looks beautiful, this change has managed to draw attention of the crowd which now pays regular visits for events and photowalks.

I had always heard and read about this place but it was recently that I went there. Right from the first drawing of an elephant on my left till the flying birds at the back of the colony, I was left mesmerised. So much so, that I again paid a visit a day later just to capture this beautiful art in broad daylight.

For those who haven’t been there, you can get down at Jor Bagh Metro Station and take a rickshaw (or walk) down to Khanna Market and you are on your own from there.

Have a look at some amazing pictures my friend has captured.



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