A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Daughter

If you are there to see the world, you must know that we have lived through the trying times. The world has lived in the cage before during World Wars, plague and when many other diseases broke out and we were unprepared, but we weren’t born to see the world that way. But we are now and surprisingly, it is bittersweet.

This is 2020 and the world is on shutdown due to outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) that emerged out of China but now has taken over the world. This disease that looks innocuous and have symptoms of pneumonia is hidden in the society and before you know it can be passed on from one person to another through the littlest of contact. As of now, we have more than 400,000 positive cases and almost 15,000 deaths. This is when our generation has excelled in technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare and connectivity. Little did we know that our ability to connect with the rest of the world will become our disability. The first few cases were shunned, the next mild spread was underestimated and the growing COVID scare has left people paranoid who hustling and returning their homes carrying the disease with them to their home countries – all in a span of roughly three months.

You see, the world is not a bitter place. Governments, doctors, professionals, activists, volunteers, citizens – everyone is doing their best to contain the disease and its spread. The countries are on lockdown, the markets are closed, businesses are shut, jobs are lost and resources are short, yet, these people are working round the clock, some without pay, some without safety, and some without rest just to save the world they haven’t even seen in their lifetime. I used to read in my childhood stories that angels saved the world in the past, I used to believe they had wings and looked differently but I think these people who are trying to save the lives bit by bit, they are the angels. So when you grow up and if you lose your faith in goodness then look around and find these people and believe that the goodness exist. Believe that the angels exist.

But the world is not without villains either. The voices that were shut, the protocols that weren’t followed, the safety standards that weren’t met and not because of the lack of resources but they didn’t believe in science – these forces, they were evil. Some realised the magnitude of the problem and chose to believe in science while some, in their pool of false pride, continued to destroy the world with their ignorance, noncompliance, noncooperation, and misguided leadership. The 15000 deaths that are mentioned, most of them were consequences of these evil forces. Remember, the devil of your world may not be Lucifer rising from hell or aliens with powers or humans with ammunition but the common people who misjudged the reality and took down lives with them.

Among all the pain and fear, we are fighting this the best way we know it. Policemen are around 24/7 to keep pedestrian in check and its all not rosy but we haven’t complied to all the rules to the fullest either. It’s been two weeks that we haven’t stepped out and we still might not in next few months. The careers have halted, infrastructure has stopped, it’s as if the world went on a break for a few months and just forgot to add back those months back into our lives. But amidst all the chaos, the Earth has found peace. The fishes can breath through the water, the birds can be heard in neighborhood, the skies have cleared of smog and plants can breath a little more. Some of us have found peace in families and some of us have realised value of human connection while being quarantined in different countries.

Daughter, I wish for you to know what this calamity has brought upon us. It is not pleasant to know that so many of our men and women have died but these times have been eye opening. A lot of things came in perspective and I want you to take lessons from our experience. Value your surroundings because you may never see them again, value science and faith – they are crucial in our survival and is capable of bringing collective efforts, identify your angels and devils and choose what you want to be, tolerate some pain if it is meant to bring larger peace – not to a community but to the society at large and love yourself enough to take steps to save yourself and to save this earth.

PS – If the world allows, do travel. The earth is a beautiful place and your soul must know the beauty in which it thrives.

Hope that the time is more peaceful and earth is more greener on your side!

Your mother

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  • March 24, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    Beautifully pen down !


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