Meaning of moments

It’s been a while since I have written my heart out – in a way that its just my thoughts and feelings with no cause. Lately, I have been feeling extremely grateful. Nothing major has happened in my life yet. I still work 10-5, do laundry, wash dishes, chop vegetables, quarrel with my sibling, overthink about my romantic life and keep dreaming of travelling. Yet, something has changed, to an extent that I find myself appreciating sunsets.

Shahpura Lake, Bhopal, MP
Sunset at Kutch, Gujarat

Every evening, I watch this orange ball trying hard to shine from the clouds, drowning into nothingness and leaving a mesmerising purple shade behind. Last year, while on my way to the class in evening, everyday I would stop by the lake near my house (in Bhopal), watch the sun set in the waters silently, seeing fishermen laying nets, listening to the splash of fishes along the banks and feel the cold breeze down my neck. I had never felt so still, so hypnotized watching a mere sunset.

Shahpura Lake, Bhopal, MP
Sunset from Delhi metro


Similarly, I had been closely watching sunsets here in Delhi. Every evening, I take two minutes to admire the sleeping sun before boarding the metro or I climb up the stairs to my terrace to see how this beauty of a ball disappears in front of my eyes. It’s crazy how I have become obsessed with the setting suns and the purple colour of the sky. I look east and then I look west and I am in awe of how shades play out themselves in orange, yellow, white, purple and blue.

Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

This feeling of silence and gratefulness is not new to me. I can always find them in the mountains amidst snow, what is unique is that I am feeling it here, in a polluted and chaotic city of Delhi. But these sweet experiences have taught me the relevance of stillness.

  • Take a step back
  • Allow yourself to breathe
  • If life happens to give you a break, take it
  • Enjoy here and now at least once a day – try listening to your breathing and keep a count of it
  • Be grateful for all you have and for all that is yet to come
Bhopal, MP

It’s insane how I have written a blog on regular sunsets, one can imagine the intensity of emotions I am feeling right now. It is a feeling that I no longer have to search for, it’s an emotion I no longer yearn for, it’s a destiny I no longer lookout for. May be this is temporary and I am simply enjoying the exiting winters but in my lifetime if I could ever bring myself to be in ‘here and now’, and for those moments my soul has been the most alive and I wish that feeling comes to my rescue whenever life starts to become uneasy.


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