Chhatarpur Temple: South Beauty of Delhi

Delhi can never be disappointing to anyone, while Delhi Darshan is mainly around a few monuments, let me tell you about a different place – Chhatrapur temple. After visiting various sites, I decided to turn towards South of Delhi, admiring the different face of beauty.

Get down at Chhatrapur metro station, cross the bridge and start your journey. I’d suggest you to walk to the temple; you will witness amazing architectural work. Temples of different Gods, schools and ashrams of the same trust are so beautifully designed with fine work on its giant walls. Given both of us are atheists, we were amused by the fact that we are visiting the temple but we are glad about it.
We reached the temple; the quiet and serene place had idols of many Gods. We took a round of the entire temple, admiring the silence and finishing at the edges. The Chattrapur temple has the second largest premises in India. It had recently added a temple with typical South India design which lured us to it but unfortunately it was inaccessible to us then.

Departing from the serene ground, we saw a tall “Trishula” opposite the main temple, which drew us towards itself. As we entered the premises, we realised it’s a famous temple of Shiva and Gauri (Hindu God and Goddess). We roamed around in the campus, crossed “Trishula” and saw another giant structure. It was a huge blue door with a huge lock on it. The greatness and mystical design would take you in the time of Hatim. The temple starts where these amazing structures end. The idol of Goddess Gauri is the first you will see, in middle of a beautiful “Garbh” (Womb; the circular space), followed by a big Shivling on the first floor of the temple. More than anything is the amazing view you get from balcony if that temple. The mesmerising temples would stand tall and complete amidst the unnatural greenery. All I can say is, it is worth the visit!

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