Before You Become A Guide

I have been wanting to write this piece since a long time but never really started it until some of my peers came together to raise the content and propaganda of someone in our network trying to motivate youth.

Well, I am a firm believer of #DoWhatYouLove and would inspire people from all age and backgrounds to follow their heart. In fact, some of us have succeeded in finding their call and have stepped out to fight for what’s theirs. This young group of people have actually started to make a community and are trend setters for those who look upto them. In no time, these young teens, early twenties have become coaches, therapists, mentors, guides, speaker and support systems. This is indeed the need of the hour, people becoming anchors to one another and extending support to those who want to rise up to their desired selves. We, the youth, have our own stories, beliefs,  and approach to inspire and guide people. But who tells us if we are qualified enough?

No, I am not talking about professional expertise and educational qualifications (that too is important though) but our experience as human beings. What’s the guarantee that in the process of ‘enlightening’ someone, we ourselves are not going to fall short and leave our audience confused or messed? The idea of promoting youth at senior positions, helping them take initiative is great. Today’s young generation is probably more smart and has more technical skills and qualifications than some of the senior professionals but one cannot replace those years of living, knowing and being.

This is where I believe we fall short. At a very young age, we feel that we have enough to tell to the world but honestly we don’t. This is not to discourage the idea of becoming speakers, mentors, therapists, coaches, etc. but one must know what exactly are we offering and how much command do we have on ourselves so as to not say or do something immoral, impractical or hurtful to those who are learning from us. Everyone is so eager to step up the pedestal and take command that they have forgotten that being 23 is still an age to learn. There is a reason why teachers with equal qualifications as senior professors join as Associate or Assistant Professors than Professors directly.

May be this is the reason there is more than enough content out in the world but not enough that is carefully and sensitively designed to engage Human Beings. People claiming to be coaches are as good as doctors, if we don’t know our anatomy, there are lives at risk, depression waiting to overcome, fear of trusting others and worst of all – fear of trusting someone to be your coach, therapist or support system. Imagine souls giving up their faith in inspiration, positivity, friendships and motivation. It does not take more than one slipped word or action for all of this to become an abused profession to the ones at loss.

And what we can do to minimise such slips? May be, learn to stay a student for a little longer and keep being a student before we step out to guide the world. Just learn a little more, read a little more, understand world little more, be a little more mature before you become a guide.

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